Case 2870 Tractor Service Manual

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  • Covers: Case 2870 Tractor
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The Case 2870 Tractor Service Manual PDF includes technical specifications, instructions, illustrations and schematics to guide mechanics through mechanical, electrical and hydraulic repairs on the tractor. The service manual was digitally reproduced from the original dealer manual into a clear, searchable PDF format and is ideal for mechanics repairing or rebuilding the Case 2870 tractor. This manual can be downloaded instantly to your computer, tablet or phone immediately after checkout.

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Topics included in the Case 2870 Tractor Service Manual:

General Specifications

  • Lubrication – 2870 Tractors
  • Engine – 674 Cu. In
  • Fuel System
  • Hydraulics
  • Steering System
  • Power Train
  • Brake System


  • Engine Diagnosis
  • Engine Tune-Up
  • Engine Removal
  • Cylinder Head, Valves and Rocker Arms
  • Cylinder Block, Sleeves, Pistons and Rods
  • Crankshaft and Main Bearings
  • Camshaft, Bushings and Valve Lifters
  • Flywheel and Rear Oil Seal
  • Lubrication System, Pump, Cleaner, Relief Valve & Heat Exchanger
  • Cooling System, Water Pump and Thermostats
  • Turbocharger, 674 Cu. In. Engine
  • Air Induction and Exhaust System
  • Engine Lubrication
  • Reconditioning Engine Cylinder Block


  • Fuel System and Filters
  • Fuel Injection Pump and Pump Drive
  • 21MM Fuel Injectors – Robert Bosch


  • Tractor Wiring Diagram
  • Tractor Cab Wiring Diagram
  • Starting or Cranking Motors
  • Battery Servicing and Testing
  • Delco-Remy  Alternator Systems
  • Neutral Start Switch Adjustment


  • Testing Tractor Steering System
  • Steering Column With Steering Pump
  • Steering Cylinders
  • Rear Steer Control Valve & Load Check Valve
  • Steering Lines, Linkage and Cables
  • Front and Rear Steering Adjustments
  • Proportional Flow Divider Valve


  • Troubleshooting RPS-34 Power Shift Transmission
  • Testing RPS-34 Power Shift and PTO
  • Axles and Planetaries
  • Differentials and Drive Shafts
  • Torque Limiter Clutch
  • RPS-34 Power Shift
  • RPS Power Shift Control Valve and Linkage
  • Four Speed Transmission
  • Hydraulic PTO-Clutch, Valve, Dropbox & Lines


  • Brake Master Cylinder, Brake Pedal, Parking Brake Assembly


  • Testing Tractor Hydraulic System
  • Hydraulic Oil Filters and Lines
  • Triple Hydraulic Pump and Lines
  • Pressure Regulator Valve and Lines
    Installation and Adjustment of Remote Valves
  • L.H. and R.H. Remote Hydraulic Valves
  • 3 Point Hitch and Hitch Coupler
  • Hitch Control Valve and Lines
  • Hyd. 3 Point Hitch Cylinders and Lines
  • Portable Hydraulic Cylinders


  • Troubleshooting Air Conditioning System
  • Gauging and Testing Air Conditioning System
  • Compressor Isolation, Removal, Installation and Evacuation – Discharging, Evacuation and Charging the A/C System
  • Servicing Air Conditioning Components
  • Servicing the Cab Blower Assembly
  • Operator’s Seat Adjustments
  • Removal of Hood, Panels and Grille
  • Repair of Urethane Hood, Panels and Grille


  • Tractor Steering System Oil Flows
  • Steering Hand Pump and Valve
  • Rear Steer Control Valve & Check Valve
  • Proportional Flow Divider Valve
  • Power Shift
  • Tractor Hydraulic System Oil Flows
  • Hydraulic Triple Pump
  • Pressure Regulator Valve
  • Remote Hydraulic Valve
  • Hydraulic PTO Clutch, Valve and Dropbox
  • Three Point Hitch Valve
  • Air Conditioning – Theory of Operation

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