Drott 30YC, 30YM Excavator Operator’s Manual


  • Covers Drott 30YC, 30YM Crawler and Truck-Mounted Excavators
  • P/N S406019M2
  • 54 pages
  • Downloadable PDF format
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The Drott 30YC, 30YM Excavator Operator’s Manual contains detailed operating instructions, maintenance tables and other information for the owner. The complete operator’s manual was carefully reproduced from the original and is a must for owners/operators of the Drott 30YC, 30YM Excavator. The Drott 30YC, 30YM Excavator Operator’s Manual is also referred to as the owner’s handbook. View the operator’s manual on your computer/tablet or print off pages as needed.

Topics in the Drott 30YC, 30YM Excavator Operator’s Manual:

Nomenclature ChartsLubrication
Tool Boom Extension Charts

Boom Components
Tool Changing
Tool Boom Extension Removal
Tool Boom Removal
Main Boom Removal
Counterweight Removal
Crawler Components
Drive Chain Adjustment
Track Adjustment
Track Removal
Drive Wheel/Idler Removal and Disassembly
Track. Roller Removal and Disassembly
Engine Air Cleaner Maintenance
Adjusting Pedal Control Linkage

In-line Filter Maintenance
Oil Reservoir
Oil Screen Maintenance
Main Pump
Valve Bank
Main Relief Pressure Settings
Boom Cylinders
Swing Mechanism
Checking “Swing” Relief Settings
Swing Motor Removal-Swing
Motor Disassembly
Swing Motor Repair
Swing Brake Disassembly and Removal
Swing Reducer Removal
Swing Reducer Disassembly and Repair
Leveler Mechanism
Leveler Check Valve Removal and Disassembly
Leveler Cylinder Removal and Repair-
Hydraulic Swivel
Swivel Removal, Disassembly and Repair-
Crawler Hydraulic Mechanism
Checking Crawler Crossover Relief Settings
Crawler Motor Removal
Crawler Motor Disassembly and Repair-


Isolating Hydraulic Problems
Not Tracking Straight
Noisy Operation
Slow Motion –
No Motion When First Started
Loss of Motion
Dual Motion of Crawler and Leveler
Oil Foaming
Oil Overheating
Drifting of Load
Valve Plunger Sticking
Loss of Pressure in Reservoir
Hydraulic Pump FailureHydraulic
Pump Leakage


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