Case 500, W5, W5A Tractor Loader Service Manual

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  • Covers Case 500, W5, W5A Tractor Loader
  • P/N 9-76231
  • 352 pages
  • Downloadable PDF format
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The Case 500, W5 and W5A service manual includes specifications, step-by-step instructions and accurate illustrations to aid mechanics with any mechanical, electrical or hydraulic repairs. The complete service manual was carefully reproduced from the original dealer manual into a clear, searchable PDF format and is essential for mechanics repairing or rebuilding the Case 500, W5 or W5A tractor/loader to the manufacturer’s standards.


  • Specifications for 188 Dynaclonic Diesel and 188 Supr-torq Gas Engines
  • Cylinder Head and Valves 148, 159, 188 and 201
  • Cylinder Head and Valves 188 Diesel Engines
  • Engine Block Assembly 1880 Diesel Engine
  • Roosa Master Model DB Fuel Injection Pumps 188 Series Diesel Engines
  • Servicing the CAV Fuel Injectors
  • Servicing the 267 Series Gasoline Carburetor on Case Spark Ignition Engines
  • Electrical System
  • Servicing the Power Steering Cylinder and Control Valve
  • Servicing the Steering Gear Box and Rear Axle
  • Servicing the Power Steering Pump Used on Case 2 Wheel Drive Unit Loader
  • Servicing the Hydraulic Power Shuttle on Case 2 Wheels Drive Unit Loaders
  • Servicing the Four-Speed, Mechanical Transmission Differential Final Drive and Differential Brakes
  • Servicing the Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Servicing the VDP-12 Hydraulic Central Valve
  • Servicing the 2000 Series Gear Type Hydraulic Pump on Case 2 Wheel Drive Unit Loaders

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