Case 480B Loader Backhoe Service Manual

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  • Covers Case 480B Tractor Loader Backhoe
  • P/N 9-72256
  • 735 pages
  • Downloadable PDF format
  • 145mb file size
  • Works with Windows/Mac/Tablet/Mobile

The Case 480B service manual includes over 700 pages of technical specifications, step-by-step instructions, illustrations and schematics to guide mechanics through mechanical, electrical and hydraulic repairs. The service manual was digitally reproduced from the original dealer manual into a clear, searchable PDF format and is ideal for mechanics repairing or overhauling the Case 480B backhoe. In addition to all machine systems, engine/fuel repair information is included. This manual can be downloaded instantly to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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  • General Specifications
  • Detailed Specifications
  • Lubrication


  • Cylinder Head and Valves
  • Cylinder Head, Valve Train and Camshaft
  • Engine Block Assembly
  • Crankshaft, Main Bearings, Flywheel and Oil Seal Replacement
  • Cooling System
  • Cylinder Head and Valves
  • Engine Block Assemblies
  • Air Cleaner, Restriction Indicator and Pre-Screen


  • Fuel System and Filters
  • Roosa Master Fuel Injection Pumps
  • Roosa Master Fuel Injectors
  • Model TSX Series Carburetor


  • Hydraulic Schematics, Troubleshooting
  • Power Steering Oil Filter
  • Equipment Pump
  • D58538 Equipment Pump
  • 3 Point Hitch Cylinders
  • Loader Control Valve
  • Backhoe Control Valve
  • Three Point Hitch Control Valve
  • Backhoe Control Valve
  • Cylinder Removal and Installation
  • Loader Cylinders
  • Backhoe Cylinders
  • Hydra-Guide Hydraulics Guidance System
  • Boom Lockout System
  • Boom Lock, D56102 Lockout Valve Sn 5224733 and After


  • Power Steering Pump and Hand Pump
  • Steering Control Valve
  • Steering Cylinders and Adjustment
  • Steering Axle and Wheel Bearings


  • Four Speed Transmission and Final Drive
  • Mechanical Shuttle
  • Dual Range Assembly
  • 11 Inch Clutch
  • Independent Power Take-Off


  • Differential Brakes, Differential Lock and Parking Brake


  • Wiring Diagram (Fold-out)
  • Distributor Ignition system
  • Battery Servicing and Testing
  • Starting or Cranking Motors


  • Loader
  • Splitting the 480-580 Series B Tractors Between the Torque Tube and Final Drive
  • Backhoe
  • Three-Point Hitch
  • Three Point,Hitch Anti-Leakdown Kit


  • How it Works Hydrostatic Power Steering

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